William Holloway Pettey, standing at the left with other Confederate soldiers. Photo hanging in Old Stone fort in Nacogkoches, Texas. left to right: G.B. Crain, Tom Hill, Dick Johnson, R.D. Chapman and June Harris: Standing left to right: Bill Petty, Doc Burrows, Mike Baugh, J.H. Thomas, Bob Moore, John Partin,T. or K. Cureton. In Nocogdoches Co., Texas, Civil War

The PETTEY siblings, seated front row (l-r): Dewey PETTEY, Jesse PETTEY, Ollie PETTEY, Eugene PETTEY, Charlie PETTEY, Will PETTEY, Cora Alma PETTEY Berry, Ida Mae PETTEY Waldron. At a PETTEY reunion, Old North Church, Nacogdoches, Texas, ca 1965. Back row, standing, l-r: unknown woman, Harry Gordon PETTEY, brother of Jesse PETTEY, Jr., O.N. PETTEY, unknown man, wife of O.N. PETTEY, Doris MEDLIN (co-author of The Pettey's of East Texas). Remainder on back row unknown, until sixth from the right who is Mary Sue BERRY Balch (sister of Omie BERRY Brewster; they are daughters of Cora Alma PETTEY Berry. To Mary Sue's left (fifth from the right) is her son and only child F. Raymond BALCH, Jr.

Children of William Holloway Pettey and Eliza Jane Welch (L-R) Leonard Dewey,
Jesse Elmo, Oliver Newton, Ralph Eugene, Charles Edward, William Hershell,
Cora Alma & Ida Mae. Taken in 1971 at Old North Church, Nacogdoches, TX.
Left to right: Omie Berry, Ditz (Charlie Pettey's wife) and Vivian (daughter of Ditz and Charlie), Cora Alma Pettey Berry, Mary Sue (Sudie) Berry, Dewey Pettey (Alma's brother and uncle of the three young girls) is in the back. Date Taken: about 1920 perhaps in eastern Texas.
Sudie (Mary Sue) Berry, on the left, and Omie Berry daughters of Cora Alma Pettey and George W. Berry taken about 1916.
George Washington Berry and Cora Alma Pettey were married 22 May 1907 in Wylma, Texas in 1907. Place Taken: perhaps Nacogdoches

Melody Maids, a girls' band in the 1930's.
Cora Alma PETTEY Berry is on the drums, rear left. Sudie (Mary Sue) BERRY
is on the bass violin and Omie BERRY is band director, standing front and center.

Sudie (Mary Sue) BERRY


Berry House, hotel owned by George W. BERRY, located in Tenaha, TX.
Photo probably from around 1915. L-R: George W. BERRY, daughters
Omie and Sudie (Mary Sue) BERRY, wife Cora Alma PETTEY.

Petty family reunion about 1965 at Old North Church, Nacogdoches, TX