Tennessee Ann Petty was the oldest daughter of Millington M. Petty and Cynthia Myatt. She is a first cousin to William Litton Petty. She married Aaron Burgess Butler in Dickson county, Tennessee on December 22, 1867. Tennessee was born about 1853 and died January 27, 1908 in Dickson county, Tennessee.
Family of William Litton Petty (born April 12, 1855 in Dickson county, Tennessee). He was the son of Marvel Mosley Petty, and a grandson of Solomon J. Petty & Jerusha Darwin. Date Taken: Abt 1898; Homeplace near Hornbeak, Obion county, Tennessee.
Listed clockwise, beginning at the top left William Edward; Charles; Nora Savannah; Emma (standing in front of Nora); Elizabeth Finch Petty (William Litton's wife) holding Virginia Ellen (youngest daughter); Effie; and next to William Litton, is Mary Maude. William Litton Petty's wife, Elizabeth Finch, died not long after this picture was made.
Lillie Petty (b. 1878) daughter of Marshal Benton Petty (1848 - 1915) and Josephine Mary Blyes (1853 - 1929), with her new husband
W. T. Addison on their wedding day, 18 Dec 1895 in Louisiana.