Lewis Ledbetter Petty (born 2 Mar 1827) of Hickman county, Tennessee. He died 10 Mar 1902 in Petty, Sevier county, Arkansas. He was said to have been a pony express rider. The picture was taken about 1900/1902 in Sevier county. He was a descendant of Solomon J. Petty.
  Bathseba (Franks) Smith, wife of Lewis Ledbetter Petty was born 29 Dec 1839 in Tennessee. She died 23 June 1919 in Cheatham, Sevier county, Arkansas
Sublet Petty and his twin (name unknown).
Sublet was the son of Lewis Ledbetter Petty and Bathseba Franks Smith and was born 27 Nov 1880. Bathsheba and Lewis had a large family which included THREE sets of twins.

The family of Stonewall Jackson Petty (1871- 1923) and Roxie Wray (1877 - 1928) with the oldest 8 of their ten children.
Back Row: Benjamin, Rex, Jack, Oscar.
Middle Row: Roxy Ruth Wray & Stonewall Jackson Petty
Front Row: Ruth, Fred, Gilbert & Guy

Guy Petty (left) and Ben Petty (right) sons of Stonewall Jackson "Jack" Petty who was the son of L. L. Petty. This picture was taken Labor Day weekend in 1983 at Mill Creek Cemetery
  Youngest daughters of Stonewall Jackson Petty and Roxy Ruth Wray Petty: Opal Yvonne & Mary Rosetta. Taken in the early 1930's in (perhaps) Eagletown, OK.
Tombstone of Bathesheba F. Smith Petty
Tombstone (original) of of Lewis Ledbetter Petty.
Tombstone (replacement) of Lewis Ledbetter Petty.
Rev. Henry S. Ledbetter marker. Henry was one of the first preachers in the county. His second wife was Sarah Petty. He is buried between both wives whose names are on the side of his marker. Place Taken: Hickman county, Tennessee.

Stonewall & Roxy Petty - Rex, Ben, Stonewall, Oscar, Roxy, Ruth, Jack. Taken in 1906 at Petty, AR.


Stonewall Jackson Petty's Kids 
Gilbert, 2 wives?, Mary, Ivan Nelson, unk wife, Rex, unk husband, Tola (Rex's wife), Ben, Opal, unk husband, Ruth, Oscar, Fred, unk wife
Taken in 4 July in Eagletown, OK


Stonewall Jackson Petty's children at Mary Rosetta's Wedding - Gilbert, Opal, Fred, Mary, Ben, Ruth, Rex, Oscar.
Jack and Guy didn't come. Taken on the 4 July, 1936 in Eagletown, OK.


Family of Louis Ledbetter Petty - Taken about 1899 or 1900. "Aunt Sis" was Cynthia Rosetta and her husband Ed Hughes. "Florence" was Florence Elizabeth. "Papa" was Stonewall Jackson Petty holding Oscar Andrew his oldest. "Mama" was Roxy Ruth Wray Petty holding Lewis Jackson.