One of the sons of Travis (son of Joseph and Mary Ann Petty)
and Mary Ann Lee Petty

Travis A. Petty and Mary Elizabeth Fowler

Sydney "Cynda" West Petty (daughter of Travis and
Mary Ann Perry, b. 1809) who married John Arrick

John Arrick, husband to Cynda West Petty
Malinda and Louisa Arick
Matilda Arick Carpenter
Son of Travis and Mary Ann Petty (1818 - 1896) and
who married 1) Marium Toleman and 2) Margaret Moore
Margaret Moore Petty (1825 - 1906),
photo taken by W. H. Barnes in Barnesville, Ohio
Frances Jane Petty Harris (1824 - 1929),
daughter of Travis and Mary Ann Lee Petty
as she appeared in 1924 at age 100 years
John D. Harris (d. 1883 at age 57), who married
Frances Jane Petty on 9 Mar 1848
and they became the parents of seven children