Believed to be Jemima Petty Stine, granddaughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Petty of Perry County, Ohio (both died 1852)
Standing left to right: Lavina Petty Perkins (1843-1929) Nancy Petty Lidey (1846-1935); Hannah Petty Westall (1849-1918); Seated left to right: Moses Petty (1839-1932); William Petty (1836-1912); Jacob Petty (1841-1915) Date Taken: Between 1905 and 1912 Place Taken: Lawrenceville - Some of the children of Joseph Petty and Elizabeth Glover
Jane Carper Whitmer was the wife of Peter W. Shick of near Sumner, IL. Her mother married second to Daniel Westall. Her mother was Catherine Stoltz, the daughter of Henry and Margaret (Petty) Stoltz. Margaret was the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Petty of Perry Co., Ohio. Date Taken: About 1875 Place Taken: Lawrence Co., IL  
Margaret Petty probably born in Warren Co., New Jersey married Abraham Gruendyke 14 Feb 1818 in Mansfield, Warren Co., New Jersey, She died 28 May 1888 in Chili, Monroe County, New York, buried in Grove Park Cemetery, Chili , New York. Believe her father to be Jacob Petty. Place Taken: Rochester, New York
Back of photo says, "Uncle George Westall." Judith Brookhart Petty added to the back: "Hannah Petty, probably youngest daughter, Mable Thorp." This was George Gilderroy Westall. Ronalds Photography Studio was in Sumner, IL
Sarah Jane Burget Petty, b 1841 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio wife of G.W. Petty.  Her parents were David Burgett b.1820 in Parkersburgh, Illinios and Mary Ann Andrews born 1822 in Ohio. Sarah's father was a doctor.
Three brothers (L TO R) John G Angle, Charles H Angle and Frank Angle, G-G-Grandsons of Joseph and Elizabeth Petty. Date Taken: Before 1935 Place Taken: Angle Homestead, Petty twp Lawrence Co, IL. As an added note, their grandmother, Pheobe Vanatta was the daughter of Stephen and Susanna Barnes Vanatta. Susanna's sister, Amelia, was the wife of Jacob Petty, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Petty.
John Wesley Stoltz and his five sons, French Stoltz (back row far left), Frank, Charles Mack, John Logan and Chester. The boys were g-g-grandsons of Joseph and Elizabeth Petty on both sides. John Wesley is in the front row center. Another son, Isacc, died at age 2 years. Except for Frank, it is unknown which son is which.
William Adam Stoltz, son of Adam and Mary (Musgrove) Stoltz . Adam was the son of John C. and Mary (Dishong) Stoltz.  John C. was the son of Margaret (Petty) and Henry Stoltz. He is holding Rose Stanley.
L TO R: French Stoltz, Charles Mack Stoltz, Frank Stoltz,
Chester Stoltz and John Logan Stoltz
Clarence Trueblood (son of Harvey Trueblood and Laura Petty) is standing on wagon with Larry Waggoner. Stading to the right of the wagon is William "Bill" Campbell. Bill's arm appears to be missing. However, he had both arms throughouts his life.
Harvey Trueblood and Annie Laura Petty
Trueblood about 1934-5
Sarah and James Camp and Jarza Trueblood Petty. Jarza was the wife of Thomas Joseph Petty. This picture is a tintype taken before Dec. 1886
Taken in the 1920's in Charleston, Illinois. Written on back "at Christian Endeavor Convention in Charielston, Mildred Petty, Helen Thorn, Alene Stene, Fae Goodwin and Cleo Vannatta." Helen Thorn is the one in the center of the back row. Alene is on the right, she had wavy red hair. Alene, a registered nurse trained at Barnes Hospital in St Louis, married Herschel Kays and they had a baby boy, Eddie Joe. Alene died of cancer soon after Eddie Joe was born. Eddie Joe died at age 11 months. All this about 1941. Mildred was known to have been tall and wore glasses. Best bet is that she is on the left in the back row. Helen married Ivan Brookhart, Ivan, Mildred, Alene and Cleo are all descendants of Joseph and Elizabeth Petty.
Joseph Petty and his wife, taken on his 81st bday. They are in Bronco, Yoakum Co, Texas. Taken 4-17-1927   Lucinda Louise Petty (daughter of Josiah Jefferson Petty and Susannah Wagoner) with her husband Harrison Loy Judy. They married in 1857 in Richland, Illinois.