Jeptha Petty was the son of Joseph Perry Petty and Elizabeth Barnett This picture was in Pearl Petty's pictures with the name but no date or place written on it.
This is the original Joseph/Elizabeth Petty house in Perry county, Ohio. This is the house from the front. The shiny, balls on posts are trophies from the Civil War, now in the possession of Marjory Petty Austen. When she visited the woman who had the cannonballs, she used to have to paint them every year. She had saved two and gave them to Marjory. This is how the place looked when her family moved there after the turn of the century. Josiah's widow, Harriet Coleman Petty lived here until her death.
Joseph Sylvanis Petty b. 1877, MS and wife Bettie PHILLIPS Petty b. 1889 GA. He was son of Jeptha Petty b. 1837 GA and grandson of Stephen Petty b. abt 1813 in GA. The mustache covers a hairlip. She was the daughter of Thomas Joe Phillips and Lizzie
Leah Ann PETTY Batterton - eldest daughter of Jeptha and Martha Petty, sister to Joseph Sylvanis Petty - Brady, McCulloch County, Texas
Solomon Jackson Petty (son of Joseph Perry and Elizabeth Barnett Petty) and wife Sarah Montgomery Petty. Picture taken in Rutledge, Missouri.
Arthur Tolbert Petty, son of Solomon Jackson and Sarah Montgomery Petty, picture taken in Rutledge, Missouri.
Baker Allen Batterton, husband of Leah Ann Petty Batterton, and their son - Brady, McCulloch County, Texas
Pearl Petty, son of Soloman Jackson Petty and Sarah Ann Montgomery. Picture taken in 1918 in Iowa or Northern Missouri.