George Washington Petty and Zina (Williams) Petty
with two oldest children, Dorothy & Alta.
Leland and Lloyd Petty, sons of Zina Williams and George Washington Petty
Eunice Petty Stott, Vera Petty Lewis Shol, Zina Petty, Vera's daughter, Jackie, holding Vera's son Ronnie. One of Zina's daughters, Madge Petty Pingree, said, "The picture was taken by the old Presbyterian church that was right by their house in Gunnison. Jackie was about 30 years old when this was taken. Ronnie was born on the 4th of July at our house - Mother delivered him and it was quite the experience for me! After the doctor arrived he gave me the baby to hold and I was petrified - he cut his cord while I held him. Quite the shock for me!"  
Madge (Petty) Pingree & her mother, Zina (Williams) Petty
Gerald, Gary and Eunice Mary (Petty) Stott and their old Model T Ford.
Date Taken: 1936
Lee Petty, Vernon ?, Rulon (Ruly) Petty about 1920, probably in the Gunnison, Utah area. Lee and Rulon were sons of Zina William and George Washington Petty.
Midge (Armida Petty) and Roy Hanberg.
Taken April 1970, 3 weeks before Roy died.
Roy and Carol Hanberg (Roy husband of Armida "Midge" Hanberg) on the family homestead near Fairfield, Montana in 1941. This is before the kids picked up all the rocks and we planted trees. You can see the tub we washed clothes in and took baths.
Family of George Washington Petty and Zina William
Heber Chase Kimball Petty (1841 - 1902)
and his son, George Washington Petty (1875 - 1928)
Carol Hanberg Turley - daughter of Armida Petty and Roy Hanberg
William Alexander Petty and his father, Heber Chase Kimball Petty
David H. Joanes and Catherine Diantha Petty family