Mary Alice Wilson and Mary Louise Petty Walton, b. 1839 (daughter of George Valentine Petty).
Mary Louise Petty (daughter of George Valentine Petty) was born 19 Nov 1839 and died in Navarro county, Texas on the 16 Jun 1919.

Jasper Sevier Petty, youngest child of George Valentine Petty
Born Nov. 19, 1850 Navarro County,Texas and died May 28, 1938 in Corsicana, Texas

This picture of Sevier Petty was found at the Pioneer Village in Corsicana. George Valentine Petty, his wife,
and 10 children arrived from Tennessee around 1846, just as Texas became a state. Navarro County was Indian Territory.

Sevier was the last and only child of George and Marry Redden Petty’s children born in Texas.
It was argued in the area that Sevier was the first white child born in Navarro County in 1850.
Story goes another child born the same day as Sevier was declared the first white child born in Navarro County.
There was much dispute and that story was passed down and the family always believed Sevier was the first.



Chester Lawrence Petty and Catherine White Petty
Chester was fourth child of Clarence and Etna Grace Petty

Born April 14, 1917 (or 1918) Navarro County,Texas and died January 6, 1987 in Fort Worth, Texas


Warren, Clarence (father of others), and Chester Petty

Warren and Chester are son's of Clarence's first wife, Etna Grace Petty
Photo taken in the late 1920's or early 1930's

Cora and Mary Mae

Mary Mae was the 6th daughter of Jasper Sevier Petty and wife Cloia
Cora married Roy Petty, the son of Jasper Sevier Petty and wife Cloia

The sons of Robert Roy Petty and Cora Grace Petty

They were double cousins to Clarence Petty's first family

John Clarence Petty and his wife, Lorene

John was the son of Clarence Petty and Etna Mary Grace Petty