Albert (1795 - 1869) & Catherine (1803 - 1877) Petty (sitting) with their daughter, Catherine, and her husband, James Peas Edwards.
Catherine Elizabeth Petty (born 1844 in Illinois) married James Peas Edwards (born 1838 in Missouri).

Albert Petty (1795 - 1869) was born in Paris, Bourbon county, Kentucky to the Rev. Ralph Petty and Isabelle McClure. Though they had the same last names, Catherine and Albert were not related. Catherine Petty (1803 - 1877) who married Albert Petty was born in Dover, Stewart county, Tennesse to George Petty and Lydia Harrington.

Heber Chase Kimball Petty (1841 - 1902),
son of Albert Petty and Catherine Petty.
He lived in Emery county & Manti, Sanpete county, Utah.
Photo taken about 1906.
The Great White Throne, a special landmark in Zions Canyon, Utah is just up the road a piece from where Albert Petty (1795 - 1869) lived. His sons had a sawmill near the bottom of it.
Heber Chase Kimball Petty (1841 - 1902)
and his son, George Washington Petty (1875 - 1928).
Distant view of the Great White Throne

Blacksmithshop with Petty Family From left to right: George Washington Petty (on horseback), Heber Chase Kimball Petty (holding the horse’s head),
George Albert Petty (next to the sheriff, wearing a blacksmith's apron), George Snow and 3 more unidentified men at the blacksmith shop in Ferron, Utah.
Photo taken about 1900/1910.

Wiliam Alexander Petty (1883 - 1967) with his father,
Heber Chase Kimball Petty (1841 - 1902)
travelling through southern Utah about 1895.
Petty Peak, Utah was named after George Albert Petty (1861-1944)
Albert Petty, son of Isabella (McClure) and Ralph Petty.
Albert was the husband of Catherine Petty. He was buried in Springdale, Washington Co., Utah. Catherine was buried in what is now Sterling, Sanpete County, Utah. In 1963 Catherine's gravestone hardly readable and tipping over. The old cemetery was not in good condition then, and I suppose in worse now. Date Taken: 1940 in Springdale, Utah
David L. Fraughton who married Edna Mae Petty d/o Heber C. Petty Jr. and Maggie Emily Keel. He worked for Matt Warner and Butch Cassidy and was involved with a lot of things 1896-1912. This is his prison picture, while in Rawlins, WY. 1905-1911. Taken about 1905 in Rawlins, Carbon Co., Wyoming
This is William George Petty, his daughter (by his first wife Susan Lucretia Lowry Petty) Susan Angeline Petty Barton, her daughter Mary Barton Philpott and her daughter Clara Philpot.
John T. Edwards family. left to right. back - Forest James, Garth Williams, John Hayes; front row - Erma, Mary Ann (Mamie), John T., Leah Catherine. They had one other child who died as a youngster - Eva Lennabelle. Photo taken about 1928 in Idaho Falls, Idaho
Heber Alonzo Petty's boys: 1st row (far left) Howard Singleton, Clell Pettey (tall one);
2nd row (center): Wilbur Conover (straw hat), Melvin Pettey; sitting: Jesse Conover, Howard Pettey. Photo taken about 1900.
Heber Alonzo and Malinda Lowry Pettey family of Springdale, Utah.
Front row: Edria, Heber Alonzo, Clyde, Malinda.
Back row: Howard?, Clell?, Effie, Earl,
Delphia, James Melvin, Dora, Lloyd.

Samuel Rafe Petty(1882 - 1936) and
Rachel Jane Miller Petty (1883 - 1977)

William George Petty (1831 - 1921) was born in Henry county, Tennessee. He was a son of Albert and Catherine Petty.
Joseph Henry Petty (1848 - 1912), another son of Albert and Catherine Petty, was born near the Platte River on the banks of Loop Fork Lake, Nebraska.
Lillie Mae Garrick was born Oct. 16, 1879. Lillie is the wife to William George Barton. William's parents are Walter K. Barton and Susan Angeline Petty. Susan Angeline Petty parents were William George Petty and Susan Lucretia Lowry. Taken abt 1900
Ruth Edwards Pitts in early 1940s. This was taken in an area called "Carbonville" which is just outside Price, Utah. She and her husband, Thomas Vivian Pitts, owned a farm there. Ruth is the daughter of Albert Elisah and Ida Pearl Musig Edwards. Albert was the son of James Peas and Catherine Elizabeth Petty Edwards.
Howard Thomas Pitts (1918 - 2005) picture taken 1941 in Price, Utah
Mary Ann Williams married to John T. Edwards 20 sep 1899 in Emery, Utah. He is the son of James Peas Edwards and Catherine Petty.

This is Frank Haggerty Petty and his family. Frank is the son of Albert Petty and Lucinda Haggerty.
His wife is Sarah Jane Brown.

John Thomas Olsen (1867 - 1920),
husband of Maryett LaVern Edwards
Maryette LaVern Edwards (1872 - 1942), daughter of James Peas Edwards and Catherine Elizabeth Petty
Walter and Susan Angeline (Petty) Barton Family: found in the Brigham Young University Special Collections  
Susan Angeline Petty Barton with 2 of her daughters and her husband (far right)