Abraham D. Petty b. 1785
Edward Petty b. 1823, son of Abraham D Petty
Marion Ethlebert Gant Petty (b. 1851) was the son of Edward Petty and grandson to Abraham D. Petty. Place Taken: Nashville, Tennessee.
The old homestead of Edward Petty. The home is said to be built around 1860 and is still in use today. It was built by Edward Petty and his sons who ran one of the first saw mills in the area. Photo taken Nov 2003 on Petty Lane, Maury Co., TN
Clarence Petty (son of M E G Petty) his daughter, Clair Mai. Photo taken about 1902 in Nashville, Tennessee
Clarence McCuin Petty (son of M E G Petty) and his wife Leah Ellen (Marlin) Petty Date Taken: Abt 1920 in Nashville, Tennessee
Clarence Petty and Leah Martin on their wedding day, Mar 7 1897 in Maury county, Tennessee
Home of Clarence McCuin and Leah Marlin Petty in Franklin, Williamson County, TN built by Clarence abt 1910 Date Taken: 1919 Place Taken: Franklin, Tennessee
Ruth (standing) and Edith Petty (children of Clarence and Leah Petty) about 1920 in Franklin, Williamson county, TN.
Ruth Petty Quinn was the 2nd child of Clarence McCuin and Leah Marlin Petty. She died in 1994 at age 92. Taken: abt 1920 in Atlanta, Georgia
(L to R) Leah (Marlin) Petty, Milton Maloy Petty, Clarence McCuin Petty and with mother Fannie Elizabeth (Sewell) Petty. Fannie was the wife of M. E. G. Petty. Photo taken about 1898 in Maury County, Tennessee
Milton M. Petty family.
According to records in Hickman County, Tennessee, this picture was taken on the farm once owned by Esq. Hardy Petty and was presently owned by his son Milton Malone Petty. It stood across the street from the Petty Cemetery in Pinewood, Hickman County, on Hwy 48 overlooking the Piney River.
Taken in front of the Dam at Peach on Sugar Creek sitting in the canoe (front to back) Clara Mai, Louise Petty behind them, Ruth Petty, Maude Below Petty (wife of Milton Maloy Petty), Leah Ellen Marlin Petty, Clarence Petty (Leah Ellen's husband). The mills was torn down but the damn is partially standing. The property where it stood is still owned by the family and part of the Watkins farm. Taken about 1900; Peach Sugar Creek, Tennessee
Logan Cal (above) married Clara Mai Petty 16 Jan 1930. This picture was taken about 1955 as the mules were Old Bill and Old Deller. They were brother and sister. The Barn still stands at the farm today and is still being used. This picture was taken about 1955 in Peach, Tennessee on the Watkins farm.
This house stood next to Logan Cal and Clair Mai Petty Watkins house. Clair's sister is standing in front of it. She was born in the house in 1910. Date Taken: abt 1920 in Giles County, Tennessee
Susan Wrenn Petty, wife of Hardy Petty and daughter of Thomas and Leddy Wrenn 1815-1885
Hardy Petty, son of Abraham D. Petty and Elizabeth Younger 1810 - 1888