Top Row - Grover, Wilbur (Wib), Calvin (Cal), Harry; Front Row - George (with beard), Alford (standing), Mae, Gertrude (Gertie - sitting, low), Deborah, Ethel (sitting, low), Sarah (Sadie)
Harvey Doyle Petty (b. 1831 in Fayette County, Indiana) - picture taken about 1861.  He served as a private in Company C, 35th Regiment, of the Illinois Volunteers. He was wounded in at the battle of Chickamauga in northern Georgia. He was the son of William Andrew Petty and Nancy Taulbee.
George Petty Family
Unidentified members of the Petty Family
Margaret Lucy Petty (daughter of Hubbard Petty b. 1807 and Nancy b. about 1815) with her husband Joseph Robert Matthews (b. November 18, 1861 in Kaufman County, Texas). Their children were: Lena D. (b. 1883), Florence (1885 - 1892), R. W. (b. 1887), Robert (b. 1891), Annie Mae (b. 1893), Charlie (b. 1899), and G. E. (b. 1903). They also had 3 children who died as infants (born in 1885, 1887, 1902)
  Grissy Meandriss Pryor (1841-1916), wife of David Stanley Petty who was born 13 May 1836 in Giles County, Tennessee and died 5 Jun 1890 in Cumby, Hopkins, Texas.
Daniel Francisco Petty was born May 25, 1865 Tennessee; died after 1920 Missouri.
This photo is from very old padded album of Naomi Stine with these words: "I don't know any of the people in this album, but they have something to do with the Stine family." It is possibly Jemima Petty Stine (1824-1901).
  Marian Mary Musgrove Stoltz, widow of Adam Stoltz and mother of Wm. Adam Stoltz of Perry Co and Lawrence Co., IL. She died shortly after this photo. Taken in Shawnee, Perry Co, OH. Adam is a descendant of Margaret Petty and Henry Stoltz.
John Thomas Petty b. 1-5-1867 in Retreat, Navarro, TX. I believe the small child to be Riley. "Uncle Johnny" is the 1/2 brother of Robert F. Petty b. 1872. They are sons of William. Carroll "Bill" Petty. Date Taken: ca. 1950 in Corsicanna, Navarro County, TX
Edna, George and Bob Petty,
children of William David Petty
Place Taken: Idaho
Bill, Betty & Sarah (children of children of James Darwin Petty) on the Petty farm at Angus, Navarro, Texas. Bill died in 1910, Bettie (Petty) Hedge Burross in 1911, and Sarah (Petty) Boren in 1914. Angus is in the southeastern corner of Navarro county. Bettie lived near Malone, Hill, Texas. Sarah lived at Reagor Springs, just east of present day Ennis in Ellis county. Date Taken: Before 1910.
This is how most of the Kentucky, Tennessee and other southern states held their court days. People came to court one day a month and filed all of their court matters such as land sales, grievences, etc.   This was the earliest Chatham County, NC Courthouse. Obviously it was used later for an Auto Service. Look at those automobiles it serviced! You understand why so many counties lost their records in fires!

Both of these photos are of Philip Petty of Daggett (State of ???) at different ages. It was in the Sisson Family Bible.

The two photos show a different Medal of Honor. That is because the design was changed and recipients were issued newer ones.
If you know more about this man, please contact me (Barbara McGee).

Page from the family bible of Ezekiel Petty,
born Oct 16, 1878
Mary & Ivan Nelson, Alice & Jack Petty, Ruth Williams
Stonewall Jackson's children taken 1959 in Reseda, California
Aaron and Pheobe Angle. Aaron was the son of John Paul Angle and Mary Ann (Polly) Petty Vanatta Angle Phoebe was the daughter of Stephen and Susanna Barnes Vanatta.. Stephen was the brother of Aaron Vanatta who was Mary Ann's first husband. Though Aaron and Phoebe were not related, Mary Ann was both Phoebe's aunt and mother-in-law. John Paul and Mary Ann named their first son after her first husband Aaron and their first daughter after his first wife Catherine. Taken before 1893, probably in Illinois.
Charlotte (left) and Minnie Abbott (right) daughter of Martha Gruendyke Abbott, Martha was the daughter of Margaret Petty Gruendyke. Photo taken in California about 1880.
Ozro D. Angle family and their 4 children (L toT) Ozro D Angle & his wife Iva Jones Angle, Roscoe Boyd & Geraldine Angle Boyd, grandpa John G. Angle & Grandma Alma Wells Angle, George C. Angle & Elizabeth Hoover Angle, and Vane L. Stoltz & Lorene Angle Stoltz. This picture was taken on their front yard.
James William Petty family (L to R): Anna, J. W., Sam Lou, Tull, Cora, Earl in lap, William Lewis in front.
Picture taken in 1892 in Wise County, Texas
The Family of James William Petty, son of Lewis Petty, son of Luke Petty of Pontotoc County, Mississippi.
Picture taken in Boyd, Texas - December 1, 1911
Senior picture of Otis Petty (son of Jacob Petty and Lydia Heath Petty)
from the Lawrenceville Township High School Yearbook, 1914
Date Taken: circa 1914
Place Taken: Lawrenceville, Illinois
Jacob Owen Petty, son of Harrison Petty; father of Robert Herschel Petty, Philena Margaret Petty Quick, and Owen Gregg Petty.
Senior picture of Robert Herschel Petty, Lawrence Township High School, Lawrenceville, Illinois. Taken about 1918 in Lawrenceville, Illinois.   Robert Herschel Petty and Martha Elizabeth Harbaugh Petty on their wedding day, June 29, 1929 in Lawrenceville, Illinois.
Robert Petty
William Davis Petty
Tom Petty - picture taken in Alabama. He was born Aug 14, 1856, the son of William George Petty, b. 1833 in Giles county, Tennessee. Date Taken: 1877.
This is Joseph Bibb "Josy" Petty and his wife, Fannie DeShazo.
Joseph b. 16 May 1874 d 1954 and Fannie b. 30 Sep 1877 d 08 Nov 1965
m 17 Nov 1904 in Hickman County TN by J T Patton

Fannie is the daughter of Jefferson W. DeShazo and Mary Valentine Redden.
Mary Valentine Redden is the daughter of John Sevier Redden and Elizabeth McMinn.
J. T. Patton above is Thomas Patton who performed the marriage ceremony. He was the son of Andrew J. Patton and Elizabeth C. Redden.
John Sevier Redden and Elizabeth C. Redden are siblings.
William Nathan Petty born 29 Apr 1896, son of Joseph Bradley Petty and Priscilla Marrs
Joseph Bradley Petty (14 Aug 1855 - 6 Apr 1931) and Priscilla Marrs (15 Apr 1856 - 10 Mar 1925).
Family of William Nathan Petty (born 29 Apr 1896) and Margaret May Kingery (born 6 Jul 1900) and their family - photo taken in the 1930's
Lovell Petty, son of William Nathan Petty and Margaret Kingery